HC/LB Playlist: Southeast Asia is For Lovers

HC/LB Playlist: Southeast Asia is For Lovers

We’ve gone radio silent again for a bit as another big project wraps up. But we do have some more tips and a Scene and Heard that will be posted retroactively later this week. And speaking of Scene and Heard…

A comment was posted not once but twice in response to our statement that Mozart is the man behind the tune we associate with “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Since we’re guessing most of you don’t get e-mail notifications of comments the way we do, we figured we’d share it:

“Wrong. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was originally a french folk tune, “Je vous dirais-je, Mamam”. Mozart took the theme and composed 24 variations on it, but he never composed the theme itself. Please rectify your innacurate [sic] information.”

While we’ll grant it to this anonymous reader that we should have written that Mozart wrote variations on the musical theme, however the tune we whistle now is most likely rooted in his style (he was also the first composer to set the tune to a classical piece of music). He is also responsible for popularizing the song outside of France (and before you gang up on poor Wolfie, musical copying was pretty common at the time). While we’re rectifying inaccurate information here, let’s first note that the French folk tune is NOT titled “Je vous dirais-je Mamam,” rather “Ah! Vous dirais-je maman.” Moreover, Mozart’s variations on the theme total 12, not 24.

We’re all about journalistic integrity and accuracy, so long as it goes both ways.




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