London: Greenwich+Docklands International Festival

London: Greenwich+Docklands International Festival

Quite possibly one of the greatest parts about London is getting out of London proper and hopping the DLR over to Greenwich.  The St. Christopher’s Inn offers a central hostel location at competitive prices, there is still a sense of olde towne (with the “e”s at the end), and you can experience London’s breadth of culinary treats–from fish and chips, (a much different cuisine than Berlin), with pints to Asian fusion, including a really amazing curry–at slightly lower price-points (and any pence saved here is definitely a pence earned).  Greenwich is also a fine place for art, especially maritime-related.  This is definitely a village whose life, lady, and lover is the sea.

But next weekend the area will get its land-legs back in an outdoor arts festival that has many urbanites heading southeast.   From Thursday the 19th to Sunday the 22nd, seventeen events and works will take place and, with the exception of one, will all be free.  The Greenwich+Docklands International Festival has earned its place as something to look forward to when the temperatures rise each year, and this year is no exception.

If you’re a fan of Beckham, spend an afternoon watching football (excuse us, soccer) and southeast Asian dance collide in “Bend It…”.  If you believe a mime is a terrible thing to waste, head over to Beresford Square on Thursday to see “Fanfare,” a piece of interactive French street theatre.  Hit up the National Maritime Museum Friday night for “Run!”, which combines running, choreography, and even a bit of machinery.  And if you absolutely can’t live without something nautical, a Dutch/Flemish art exhibition at the Museum’s Queen’s House (”Turmoil and Tranquility”) will open on Friday and run through the beginning of next year.

And for those with a few pounds to burn (that is, currency and not calisthenically-wise…we’re not calling you fat), the Greenwich Observation Wheel will be replacing the closed-for-rennovations Cutty Sark.  A hipster’s London Eye, the ferris wheel will open on Friday with rides going for £7.00 (adults) and £4.50 (kids under 16).


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Greenwich+Docklands International Festival
Various Locations in Greenwich
DLR to Cutty Sark

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